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Aims and Objectives of Education in Rais HSJC

To make the students a virtuous and god conscious humans.

To make them a dedicated servants of the society.

To make them a responsible citizens of our country.

To holistically develop their personality.

To embellish their morals and etiquettes.

To nurture healthy mind, heart and soul in healthy body.

To appreciate and cultivate the innate potentials of the students.

To guide and direct their attitude on right direction and path.

To inculcate in them the decorum for right and wrong, truth and falsehood and just and unjust.

To make them responsible towards the physical and intellectual environment.

To develop in them the LIFE SKILLS so as to enable them.
                + to safeguard and protect their personality, individuality and identity.
                + to secure livelihood, maintenance and source of revenue for themselves.
                + to nurture their families and children in future.
                + to establish and maintain social relationships.
                + to employ their leisure at the best.

Board Messages

Message From Secretary

Dear Students and all well-wishers.
Assalam Alaikum
I have a great pleasure to address you. We are living in modern age i.e. the age of technology. There is an explosion of technology. It is the age of competition. To live in such an age successfully one must be armed with education.

Our society is trying to make our students capable to compete the situation by imparting education not only in Urdu but also in English as well as in Marathi.

Message From Chairman

Hail this! We are glad to hand you one more creative attempt of S. H. A. Rais High School and Jr. College. The editorial committee, the teachers, the students and the other colleagues deserve praise and commendation.
For K. M. E. Society of Thane District, Bhiwandi, the conveyance of education to the young generation of the nation is the continuous process of completion of that mission the promise of which our ancestors had pledged at the time of laying foundation of the Society.

Message From Headmaster

The Woods are lovely, dark and deep.

Learning and teaching is a time-consuming and patience-requiring process. Here, it is very seldom that attempts result immediately. Here, desired results demand a long, wearisome waiting. It is incumbent on us not to let ship through our fingers the goodness of patience. Teaching, in reality, is test of teachers’ wisdom and perception. Often, it so happens that during the teaching process, exactly opposite results are met with.